Mission and Method

We Are on a Mission to Provide Broadband to Students on Tribal Lands

There are a growing number of online resources for education, but nearly half of those living in rural communities in the US can not take advantage of them due to inadequate broadband access.  In tribal lands, the problem is even more acute with nearly two-thirds lacking access to high-speed internet.  Broadband is no longer a luxury. 70% of US teachers now assign homework online. While many rural schools are being updated with fiber and modern computer equipment, many students and teachers cannot access those increasingly essential resources from home. Our mission at Mural Net is to bridge this last mile and close the Homework Gap by connecting existing broadband networks to the homes of students and teachers on tribal lands.

What We Do

Mural Net provides the following services and equipment at no cost to our community partners.

  • Legal support to obtain appropriate FCC permanent licenses in the name of tribal councils
  • Installation of fixed-wireless LTE networks
  • CPEs to create in-home wireless high-speed networks
  • Trainings for network administrators on how to maintain and troubleshoot networks

Network Infrastructure


Mural covers all legal, equipment and installation expenses of the deployment of the LTE network for our tribal partners.

LTE equipment is increasing in quality as their cost plummets. Since Mural repurposes existing infrastructure such as existing cell towers, water towers and schools to mount materials, costs are further reduced and networks can be erected for less than $10k. Currently, we are working to streamline the FCC application process in order to make it faster, fairer and cheaper. Learn more on our FCC Opens Spectrum page.

Due to these cost-saving measures and the generosity of our donors, Tribes must cover the costs of backhaul, which some of our partners have arranged to be provided for free through wireless internet providers or schools.