How we work

Mural Net’s goal is to provide equitable and ubiquitous access to rural communities. The last decade has seen an enormous upsurge in the amount of educational content available online targeted at all levels of learners and educators. As a result, we believe mobile data access increases educational opportunities across entire communities.

Our Position

Despite huge nationwide investment in fiber and infrastructure to make broadband widely available, there are many rural communities in which 85% of residents still cannot get broadband access. As more and more content and educational tools go online, the digital divide for these communities grows ever larger. Yet, today there exists technologies that bring down the cost of providing broadband access to rural areas dramatically. Unfortunately, rural areas tend to be too sparsely populated to attract large telecom providers to build cell infrastructure, and so large swaths of reservations remain unconnected. However, we believe that by partnering with schools and the communities they serve, we can provide free broadband access to even the most remote rural areas, and allow the communities full operational control and governance.

Our Approach

We will deploy infrastructure that provides free mobile broadband to students in remote households. We recognize that some households do not yet have access to basic utilities such as electricity or water. Although Mural Net is not positioned to address every need of a given household, we believe that providing connectivity to the Internet will increase opportunities through access to information and learning, increasing the agency of each family. Where needed, the deployments will enable residents to charge their own mobile devices.

Our Philosophy

We believe in local enablement and capacity building. Therefore, as we build out infrastructure to provide local broadband access, we will provide local capacity building workshops to ensure that the communities that benefit from the new infrastructure will have the capability to operate and extend it in the future.

Who We Are

Mural Net is a non-profit effort founded by a collection of individuals who believe deeply in the mission of providing internet connectivity to tribal communities in the United States. The founding team has expertise in building and managing networks, entrepreneurship, investing, education, and community development. We have included bios and backgrounds for each of the principles leading the effort.